Our Philosophy


 Joie de Vivre or "Joie of Life" in French is so much more than a popular phrase. It is a philosophy on living. An approach to life that embraces the enjoyment of the simple little luxuries and indulgences that make for a life well-lived. 
   Having been raised by my French grandma and Hawaiian grandpa, I learned early on the true meaning of Joie de Vivre. Perhaps it's a simple meal enjoyed in the company of loved ones. Or the sumptious aroma of just a drop or two of perfumed oil in your bathwater. Maybe it's the smile on your best friend when presented with the perfect little gift. It really comes down to these few things: Presence, Gratitude, Love, and Laughter.
   Located in the quaint seaside town of Seal Beach, California and just steps to the Pacific Ocean, Joie de Vivre Boutique pays homage to both my grandparents as well as the Joie de Vivre lifestyle. We offer a full line of European bath and body products, artisan-crafted jewelry, and all things lovely.
  We look forward to seeing you soon! 
With Joieful Greetings,